Some Principles to Work By

Governance Principles

  1. Planning is everything, the plan is nothing – plans are not commitments, they are useful tools
  2. Primary purpose of Governance is transparency – alignment will follow
  3. Secondary purpose of Governance is auditability – accountability will follow
  4. In calculating ROI, the “Investment” is the least important part of the equation

Agile Leadership Principles

  1. Everyone should have Accountability, Mastery, and Purpose over their roles – motivated individuals and teams are more productive
  2. Priorities are set by those accountable and responsible – this is the meaning of ‘accountable’
  3. Accountability and responsibility follow the work product down the Value Stream – it takes a village to produce kick-arse software
  4. People want to work hard and to do the best job they can
  5. Self-organizing teams are really, really difficult to create and maintain – paradoxically they take strong leadership

Lean Principles

  1. Small batches are good – they lead to increased focus and more frequent delivery of value
  2. Small cycle times are good – they lead to smaller batches and faster feedback loops
  3. Serial delivery of value is good – it leads to maximization of profit over tim
  4. Feedback loops are good – they stabilize the system and minimize risk
  5. Queues are bad – they lead to Work in Progress, which is a form of waste
  6. Pull is good – it avoids doing work that may never be used, and reduces WiP
  7. Working at high capacity is bad – it creates technical debt, sub-optimal work practices, increases WiP, among other bad things
  8. Changes are accommodated at the speed the system can absorb them (the Takt) – large changes made infrequently, small changes made frequently minimizes waste and maximize responsiveness.

Paul Osborn

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