Public Workshops

Join my upcoming workshop on the 24th July in Bellevue on “Emancipating Knowledge Workers – for Pleasure and Profit”.  I’ll be discussing how to use Lean and Agile principles to create more effective teams.

Lean and Agile Workshops

If you are not ready for a full consulting engagement, but would like to see how I can help, why not consider a half or full day workshop? I tailor collaborative sessions for Executives, Product Managers, and Teams. Contact me to discuss your unique needs.

Lean Consulting Projects

Realize the power of Lean through an engagement of between 1 and 6 months of onsite consulting. Let me help you transform your business with highly engaged and productive teams.

Lean and Agile Lectures

Do you want to know more about how Agile can help your organization?  I lecture in  aspects of governance and teamwork based on the content in my publications “Succeeding with Agile Governance” and “Succeeding with Agile Teams”.