“Jeopardy” Retrospective Game

Have the group write down just the answers to questions that they think up.  They do not reveal those questions, and the answer shouldn’t of course indicate the question directly.

For each ‘answer’ ask the group to suggest what the question was.  Finally ask the original submitter to provide the ‘correct’ question.

The point of this game is not to get the question right – it is to provide a framework for discussion.  I was amazed when I first saw this played at the number of different ‘questions’ that were raised – so it proved out to be a great foundation for brainstorming.

My answer was ‘Drinks’.  The question was ‘How should we celebrate our newest team member joining us”.  This proved to be a sure-fired way to ingratiate myself to the team – and it brought the retrospective to a preemptive halt in the ensuing stampede to the bar across the street(!)

Paul Osborn

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